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“Adventure tourism is the fastest growing aspect of tourism throughout the world. South Africa is one of the premier adventure tourism destinations of the world. tourismZA’s Earth Ambassador programme takes South Africa’s biggest renewable resource (adventure tourism) and links it to South Africa’s biggest socio-economic and environmental challenges and in so doing improves the quality of life for all the people in this country.”

Anybody who chooses to be CAN BE an Earth Ambassador

Being an Earth Ambassador is about making a simple, conscious decision to extend a hand of friendship and committing your efforts to a better environment for all who inhabit the earth.



Between 2014 and 2016 the Earth Ambassador programme embarks on a three-year journey that provides young South Africans a platform of interacting and networking with like-minded people around the globe, in a series of unprecedented adventure opportunities and life experiences.

We will touch millions of people around the Earth and motivate many of them to extend a hand of friendship to the youth of South Africa so that these young Earth Ambassadors will have the means and opportunity to perpetuate a living legacy of Nelson Mandela. We hope that as you read through these pages you too will be moved, that you too will become an Earth Ambassador.


Phase 1: (Jan 2013 to Jul 2015)


Young South Africans across all socio-economic strata will have the opportunity to participate.

Phase 2: (2016)


Expeditions provide incentive, motivation and training for the youth.

These bring once in a lifetime experiences within the reach of all young South Africans.

Phase 3: (into the future)


The systems and processes are structured to self-perpetuate and provide a sustainable on-going platform.


Registration at schools, youth groups and universities throughout South Africa.

Presentation of Township Adventure Games around SA to identify 50 prospective leaders.

Earth Ambassador leadership selections hosted at SANBI’s National Botanical Gardens to select 50 Earth Ambassador leaders.

All young South Africans between the age of 18 and 25ish have an opportunity of a lifetime!


Lesotho Expedition 

An all-expenses paid, five-day environmental educational expedition for 50 Earth Ambassador leaders.

Switzerland Expedition:

5 Earth Ambassadors leaders will travel to Switzerland for expedition orientation with World Renowned SA explorers.

Circumnavigation of the Earth:

16 Earth Ambassadors will have the opportunity to join an un-motorised expedition around the globe along the Tropic of Capricorn to draw attention to local environmental solutions.


Participating NGO’s have access highly motivated young people.

The expeditions and outreach programmes will result in an active international network

The returning Earth Ambassadors will deliver new projects at local community level that perpetuate the cycle.


Lesotho expedition: A leadership group of 50 Earth Ambassadors will explore the mountain kingdom of Lesotho as part of an environmental community outreach programme.

Switzerland expedition: 5 will travel to Switzerland for expedition orientation with some of the world’s greatest living explorers.

Circumnavigation of the earth: These two adventures will culminate in an un-motorised, 36749km expedition around the world along the Tropic of Capricorn to draw attention local environmental solutions. 16 Earth Ambassadors will be selected to accompany this expedition (Capri-X expedition).

The environmental conditions of the tropics have expanded towards the poles by more than 170 miles over the past 25 years. Scientists expected this, but only under an “extreme” climate change scenario, and only by 2100. Time is not running out – it’s already overtaken us!