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& motivate the children of the world to clean up the earth!

One star at a time, our objective is to manufacture and distribute 50,000 e-balls to children around the world.


To provide young South Africans (18 to 25ish) opportunities of a lifetime – motivating them to become Earth Ambassadors

Sponsor 100 branded stars @ R80 each (Total R8,000) e-Balls for one or more of our accredited beneficiaries.

The result:

1. 50,000 Children get to play with an e-ball that motivates them to recycle.

2. Employment opportunities will be created in the manufacturing of the stars you have sponsored

3. Environmental and community organisations YOU nominate will be funded.

4. Education: in association with the South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI)

5. Expeditions: A leadership group will be chosen to join the Earth Ambassador expeditions

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The benefits to your company will exceed your sponsorship. Guaranteed!

Please email info@earthambassadors.co.za


Without exception, each and every payment for the e-ball campaign must be deposited into the trust account. This trust account is managed independently by MLV Attorneys and shall be administered and audited in terms of the rules of the Cape Law Society and that all these funds are safeguarded by the Attorneys Fidelity Fund

 Payments from this account will be Electronic Transfers directly into an e-card. In this way we will have a record of where all funds were allocated and what was purchased.



First National Bank

Please remember to send your proof of payment to.



  email us if you need help and / or if you need an invoice

Branch code


Trust Account Number

538 000 138 14

Swift Number


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MLV Attorneys, 12 Pickle Street, Strand, 7140, South Africa


It is important for us that each and every payment is accounted for. Please quote this reference number GJ0866/(name of person or business who is making the payment) for example: GJ0866/Your Name