Become an e-Ball beneficiary


One of the primary objectives of the Earth Ambassador initiative is to provide on-going, self-sustaining income streams for organisations that:

  1. Are involved with community upliftment
  2. Have a definite environmental perspective. 

The e-Ball, as part of the Earth Ambassadors initiative, provides a unique fund raising opportunity for accredited community initiatives and environmental projects.

A percentage of ALL sponsorships raised through the e-Ball campaign are allocated directly to accredited beneficiaries.

e-Balls are supplied to accredited beneficiaries free of charge. (Subject to availability)

Allocation of branding income

The stars that make up the e-Balls provide a significant branding opportunity for sponsors. There are 10 stars available for branding on each e-Ball. The recommended price to brand 100 stars is R2500. (R25/star). This income is divided as follows. 

  1. R15 / branded star is allocated to you – the nominated beneficiary
  2. R7 /star is allocated to branding, handling, administration and distribution.
  3. R3 / branded star is allocated as commission to the seller of the sponsorship

Please email for a beneficiary application form

Beneficiary application guideline

Organisations wanting to qualify as an accredited beneficiary need to submit a motivation on an official letterhead and include the following points in their motivation:

A brief overview of the organisation and its primary function.

Its role in the community

Its environmental mandate

Inclusion of the Earth Ambassador initiative as part of its function

It’s contribution to waste management in relation to the e-Ball campaign

All submissions will be acknowledged in writing; on-going correspondence is encouraged; successful submissions will be posted to the Earth Ambassador website.

Inquiries / submissions may be addressed to

Be part of the Earth Ambassador phenomenon, a phenomenon that is about extending a hand of friendship in a way that will make the earth a better place for all who inhabit it:

50,000 Children get to play with an e-Ball that motivates them to recycle.

Expedition: Some will be chosen to join the Capri-X around the world expedition

Employment: Job opportunities will be created in manufacturing

Environmental and community organisations will be funded

Education: in association with the South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI)