There are thousands of loyalty cards in the market place; from your Clicks Card to you Woolworths Card to your MySchool Card. They all have specific objectives and perform different functions.

In March 2014, a unique loyalty e-Card that supports accredited community initiatives and environmental projects YOU choose was launched by tourismZA – the e-Card is powered by VISA.

Each and every time the VISA e-Card gets swiped, a predetermined amount of the transaction at any participating outlet is automatically allocated and distributed to:

  1. The person making the purchase/The VISA e-card holder.
  2. A beneficiary nominated and linked to the purchasers e-Card (the person making the purchase can nominate any tourismZA accredited beneficiaries).
  3. A beneficiary nominated by the supplier (the supplier can also nominate any of the accredited beneficiaries).

This means that accredited beneficiaries are linked into a sustainable, long-term funding system. The Earth Ambassador program is an accredited beneficiary of the e-Card.

Card Features:

The e-Card is a magnetic stripe plastic card. e-card 002

The e-Card can be swiped and used at any retailer accepting VISA cards in South Africa.

For now, to avoid cash withdrawal, the e-Card is restricted from ATM use.

There is no requirement for the merchants to make any changes to their systems, or to install special devices in their stores. Merchants simply swipe the e-Card like any other Visa debit/credit card.

► e-Cards are loaded remotely, via our back-end system once cardholders have them in their hands – thus reducing fraud risks.

► Our call centre provides 7 days a week, 365 days a year support to cardholders.

► Cardholders can check their e-Card balance by SMS, online or via our call centre.

Cardholder Fees

► Cardholder can use the e-Card to buy goods at any retailer in SA free of charge.

► There are no monthly card fees.

► If there is no activity on the card for a period of 6 consecutive months, a monthly dormancy fee of R10 is debited to the card.

This is another new tourismZA innovation – a way in which anybody can extend a hand of friendship to any community and environmental project anywhere!