Display and Exhibitions References


We believe that the best reflection of the quality of our work and our on-going commitment to service must surely be the retention of our customers. Please feel free to contact any of our customers for a reference at any time, three of which are listed below – all of which have been with us for five consecutive years or more!

SANParks (Cape Region) Designed and built in 2005

Been used an average of four times a year

Has about 10 configuration options (see versitility)

3m high x 6m across x 3m deep – open on both sides

The primary purpose of this display is brand awareness. SANParks uses this display to provide information about it parks throughout South Africa

City Guns (Cape Town) Designed and built in 2012

Being used an average of three times a year

Has three primary configuration options (see versatility)

Standing at 4m high x 9m wide x 3m deep, this is an impressive display.

This display is about promoting the City Guns brand and selling product directly from the display. It has been designed to provide maximum visual impact and allow for free flowing traffic through the display area.

Oudtshoorn Tourism Designed and built in 2010

Being used an average of five times a year

Has 4 primary configuration options