Tourism Development – CSI

TourismaZA is a proud sponsor of Earth Ambassadors

tourismZA links the local tourism industry – places to stay, attractions and places to eat – to the facilities and community organisations tat have been renovated or completely rebuilt during the  Earth Ambassadors’ e-Games.

It’s all well and good repairing a school, establishing a food garden, building a creche and setting up a micro-industries during the e-Games, however our objective is to ensure their sustainability long after the event has moved on. By linking them directly to the commission paid/offered by the local tourism industry this entire venture becomes a win-win for all the people of JBay – on many levels.


To participate in our social responsibility projects please  consider SPONSORING A STAR for e-ball. Have a look at Earth Ambassadors for more information or get in touch with us through Facebook

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e-Ball is the driving mechanism behind funding community projects for more information click here!