tourismZA connects you to tourism in South Africa by providing a unique and interactive communication platform that is of benefit to both the traveller and the service provider.


More than that, tourismZA is about extending a hand of friendship to local community initiatives and environmental projects; booking commission is automatically allocated and distributed through tourismZA’s VISA e-card:

  • To accredited community initiatives and environmental projects that YOU nominate.
  • 5% of the booking is paid as a CASHBACK rebate to the person that has made the booking

In this way there is incentive for you to book with tourismZA members; you enjoy a 5% savings and the accredited community initiatives or environmental projects you nominate benefit.


tourismZA e-Card

the tourismZA e-card


How we do it

We provide a state art online communication and social networking platform, we also participate in events, displays and exhibitions that make it possible for both travelers and tourism industry partners to meet face to face.


From there, through innovative campaigns like our e-Ball and Earth Ambassadors‘ initiatives we create, maintain and profile tourism industry and traveler contact profiles so that you can communicate directly with the tourism sector that is of interest to you using our online and social media capabilities.


Why we do it

More than just a service to the tourism industry and benefits to travelers, we do it to improve the quality of life for ALL!


To many this is an abstract concept. However, once you experience tourismZA first-hand you will understand how every time there is a financial transaction through the tourismZA platform, YOU benefit and so do a host of environmental organisations and community based initiatives.


Simultaneously South African youth, across the entire socioeconomic spectrum are given life experiences that will motivate them to be part of the South African solution.